Things to do Daily if you want to keep ahead of the curve.


Starting at 600 power rating at any level you can begin solo-dungeons to gain quick levels, Archlight Tokens, and small & large Stat stones, At higher power ratings you will get higher tier dungeon boxes which give more exp, archlight tokens, stat stones, as well as ancient stat stones beginning at tier 25+ and some rare companions at tiers 35-36. Once you have awakened(level 1500+ or A.0) you can do Greater Dungeons with a group of 3 players that yields more of the same rewards in general as it averages the parties power level and then adds a bit on top resulting in higher tier rewards

Daily Test of Strength & Daily Test of Skill

at the north end of the monster portal you have 2 npcs that give the Daily Test of Strength and Daily Test of Skill, you can take these tasks from level 20+ and they scale with your power rating. The Daily Test of Strength gives you the equivalent to a large stat stone with +3 to a chosen stat below 30~, +2 to a stat from 30-80, and +1 to a stat between 81-120. The Daily Test of Skill gives you a test of skill point which can be spent daily on upgrade stones, or saved up over time and spent on larger versions of upgrade stones, 7 days of test of skill will give you enough points to buy a relic stone(equivalent to 50 upgrade stones through transmute) so its best to save the points and get the larger items if you plan to go to max upgrades.

Ritual Lord

Lord Rituals require Awakening 300+ to participate in.

Making sure you do as high as you can manage without dieing, will give you lord lootbags with a lot of items such as awakening wands(exp wands you can turn in), guild feathers and all of the stones above + keys. Lord Rituals are instanced arena fights against 1 of 7 different Lords. There are 2 optional alters, one for guilds which can be initiated by guild leaders, and one for freelancers “a single player”. Guild Lords require 1kk minimum, and Freelance Lords 250k minimum. Ritual Lords give 1 additional bag per 100k saccrificed, as well as get a little more hp/power. In guild rituals the rewards are divided evenly amongst the surviving guild members after the lord is defeated. Ritual Lord bags can be collected in the depot inbox.

Daily Arena(Solo or Duo)

Champions Arena requires Awakening 150+ to participate in.

It can be entered by talking to the Arena Master located in the depot level 3, northwest. The cost to enter the arena itself increases with each week by 200000 gold. You and potentially someone else can fight waves of monsters to obtain rewards. The arena is more difficult if you join with a friend while it also scales based on the wave that you are on. Every 10 waves a boss spawns.

Possible loot:

  • Royal Feather
  • Awakening Experience Wand
  • Stat Stone
  • Large Stat Stone
  • Rune Soil
  • Soul Soil
  • Legendary Stone
  • Mythic Key
  • Cloud Key
  • Bone Key

Daily profession tasks

Every day you can do professions tasks for skinning, mining, jewelcrafting, blacksmithing, alchemy, farming which gives you 400% crafting experience which is massive for your professions Start a task by going -1 depot and take the tasks by saying “hi”, “task”, “yes”. Blacksmith example; 'Bring me 20 iron ingots', in this example you craft iron ore into 20 iron ingots at the anvil and during the crafting process you get +400% blacksmithing exp. You also get to keep the materials you create for the daily task. If you have 20 in blacksmithing, you get +1 Strength + Focus, this increases as you get higher in blacksmithing up to +25 Strength + Focus at 120 blacksmithing. At 60 you get the option to buy enhancement, blacksmithing enhancement gives you a 5% damage, up to +15% damage at 95 Blacksmithing.

Rift - Take the Rift monster tasks, complete them for Rift Shards that you can buy relics / exp boosts / addon items for.

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