Prestige is the act of resetting your awakened level and gaining 2 perks, one being primary and the other being secondary.

You can prestige at level 500, and every 100 levels after. Keep in mind the level between prestige's increases the higher you get. You can also wait to gain more skill points before going through with Prestige.

Every 5 prestige levels, you'll need +25 on the next one. The first 5 is 100 additional levels. The higher you level, the better benefit you will receive. Check the picture below for details.

Example: Player A hit's level 500 and goes to Prestige 1. Player B waits till level 1000 and goes to Prestige 1. Both require level 600 for Prestige 2. Some players wait to get the additional awakening spell points/awakening points. Once you Prestige, you do not receive additional points for 0-600 again.

The dodge cap from prestige is 10%.

Warning: This will again reset your level to 0, but raise your Prestige level.

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