Guilds are a great way for players to work together to get stronger and show allegiances.

Guild Nodes

There is a total of 30 Nodes inside the Guild Chamber.
While 10 only require your Guild to be Level 5, the other 20 your Guild must be Level 20 to access.

Guild Islands

Guild Islands is a new feature that serves as a replacement to the old Guildhall system. It offers a much larger scope, providing players with more opportunities to explore and expand their guild's presence in the game world On both worlds Abaldar and Legacy each guild can do a Expedition to search for a new guild island, there are 3 sizes and many types such as desert, swamp etc. There is much more about this found in the most recent server update.

Guild Siege

After the 5th day from launch, players will be able to enter the Guild Siege through the plot inside your guild island. Its access is now allowed all day long, it’s no longer an event that only happens on Saturdays

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