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Welcome to the Archlight Online Wiki, if you're new please be checkout our Beginners Guide to get tips and tricks to help you get started!

Wiki Contribution

At the end of every month we will be rewarding people who contribute to our wiki.

We will be awarding monthly points to Wikipedia editors who make a minimum of 5+ sizable edits or additions. Additionally, the top 5 contributors each month will receive $10 USD worth of Archlight Coins.

Sizable Edits: We will review all edits, and rally up contributions based on multiple small edits, or sizable edits (more than just a couple words etc) If you need images of an item, creature, etc. Contact CM Fluffydrakoz if there is anything different on Abaldar or Legacy world, simply tag (Abaldar) or (Legacy) before the difference.

If you wish to help improve our Wiki and join Wiki warrior's team. Please contact us over at Discord or send us an email and read the Archlight Wiki Contributor Guide to get started.

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