Sigil Dungeons


Sigils are challenging team dungeons for 3-5 players with awesome rewards but have a 24 hour cool down. The team must kill every monster on the map and then the boss at the end. Each boss killed raises a players sigil level.

WARNING: If player claims the reward, it is impossible for him to keep doing sigils until the next cool down reset. You want to push as far as you can before claiming. Each cooldown reset lowers a player's sigil level by a few levels.

How it works

Every round of a Sigil dungeon will come with challenges, the challenges will always have a negative impact to the run since the goal of it is to slowdown the groups. This is due to the fact that groups gets a bonus Sigil level for completing it quickly.

When a team enters a Sigil Dungeon they will have to kill all the monsters, doing so will spawn the boss at the end and killing the boss is required to finish the dungeon. Inside the reward room stands an Obelisk which you can use to claim your rewards based on Sigil level but doing so will put you on cooldown which is around 3.5 days. Like Ramparts, players are able to help other players in their Sigil dungeon but not able to receive the reward multiple times in a cool down cycle.

After killing the boss at the end your Sigil level will increase by either 1 or 2 based on how quickly the group finished the dungeon up to a maximum level of 100. Since the rewards are based on Sigil level this means that a group would want to hit their limit before claiming the rewards for maximum rewards. Dying inside the will kick you out from the dungeon and lower personal Sigil level by 1 unless the “Extra Lives” challenge is active.

Every reset on the Sigil cooldown will lower your Sigil level by 10 that means if you were at level 21 you would go down to level 11. This is to not make so you spend whole day going through levels that you've been through. It is usually better to have a premade team that does it on cooldown. Since if you ever go too high and want to do it with new players you'd have to lower your level to their Sigil level since only the highest Sigil level holder can be the party leader. So let's say a person with level 63 would queue up with level 1's it would mean that the difficulty would be set to level 63 and if it is completed the level 1's would only go up 1-2 Sigil levels, making it not worth the effort.


There are a total of 8 different challenges for Sigil dungeons and each week 3 different challenges will be randomly available. When the team enters 2 of these 3 challenges will be chosen and applied to Sigil dungeon. Down below is the List of challenges

List of Challenges.

* Explosions - Monsters explode when they die.
* Swarm - A horde of creatures will spawn after killing a monster.
* Morphed - Monsters have 20% more health and 15% more damage.
* Morphed Bosses - Boss has 40% more life and 30% more damage.
* Shockwave - Players will unleash a shock wave dealing damage to allies from time to time.
* Bloodlust - When a monster dies, nearby monsters will get a buff.
* Mini-Bosses - After killing a certain amount of monsters a mini-boss will spawn. The mini-boss temporarily buffs team players after death.
* Extra Lives - Monsters have 75% more health and damage. Each player gains 3 extra lives to try to pass Sigil.


Sigil rewards are based on the player's sigil level upon opening the chest. The higher the level, the more rewards you will earn in general but also the higher you go, will also unlock certain rewards into the pool such as enchants,ores and higher tier of stones. This means you should wait until you wipe, and then you can teleport into the reward room.

  • Archlight Token
  • Crystal Coins
  • Sugar cane
  • Global potions
  • T1 enchantment box
  • Legendary/Awakened stone
  • Relic stone
  • Stat stone/Large Stat stone/Ancient Stat stone
  • Rune soil
  • Awakened Rune Stone
  • Relic Rune Stone
  • Soul soil
  • Awakened Soul Stone
  • Relic Soul Stone
  • Blank Ore (New Ore)
  • Adamantite Ore (Formerly)
  • Aether Ore (Formerly)
  • Adamante Ore (Formerly)
  • Minor Cosmetic Token
  • Archlight Dungeon Medals
  • Simple Experience Boosters
  • 25% Experience Booster
  • Strong Experience Booster
  • 50% Experience Booster
  • Bounty card

Sigil equipment

With the release of Sigil Dungeons introduces also new sets of armor that can be crafted using the material called Blank Ore which found in Sigil Dungeons. This Blank Ore can then be used to transform into three different ores, Aether, Adamantite and Adamante ore. Once you have gotten this ore from a Sigil Dungeon, it can then be used at Minerva's Isle by talking to Aaron who is located north-east of the boat.

Adamantite Ores are used to craft Ra's armor (Ranged)

Aether ore are used to craft Jadis' armor (Mage)

Adamante Ore will be used to Ox's armor (Melee)

These equipments are slightly weaker than Reforged Mastercrafted set and can be equipped at awakening level 200+

Sigil Equipment will also include a special passive bonus applied to them, you will receive a larger bonus if you wear a full matching set of Sigil Equipment, but still tad bit weaker than a full RMC set.

It might seem useless to get these armor sets since Reforged Mastercrafted armor pieces are stronger, but fear not since it is possible to use Sigil sets to enhance your Mastercrafted armor pieces by applying their bonuses to the set. These can be removed once added and transferred with a mimic scroll to accommodate your builds or improvements. Certain sigil set bonuses such as the Protector or Tank set are excluded from combining to the armor line. It is only possible to combine the Sigil pieces in a matching style, this means that a helmet can only apply its bonus to another helmet

Possible Set Bonuses

Stat Booster  - Receive a random stat boost of 8-10 in any stat. Set Bonus increases an additional +15 of the stat when all 4 pieces are boosting the same stat.
Gatherer - 2% chance to gather a second material per piece. Chance increased to 10% when wearing all 4 pieces of Equipment. This stacks with Dragon Tools.
Soulhunter - Each piece will increase the wearers damage by 4% but lower their resistance by 2%. Wearing all 4 pieces of of this set will negate the resistance % lost.
Protector - Each piece will increase the wearers resistance by 4% but lower their damage by 2%. Wearing all 4 pieces of of this set will negate the damage % lost.
Tank - Each piece will increase the wearers resistance by 3%. Wearing all 4 pieces of this set will increase it by a further 8%. Each tank set equipment will now reduce your skills by 15 per piece equipped.
Fortune - Increases your Loot Find; 5-15%. Wearing all 4 pieces of this set will increase your Loot Find; Loot Find by an additional 20%.
Enchanter - Each piece will increase the chance of your enchantment proc by 1%. By having all 4 pieces this amount doubles.
Swarm Set - Insects will swarm your target in combat. When crafting any equipment piece there is a 2% chance that you will receive this special equipment piece in stead of the respective one you requested.

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