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Story Quests

Name Level Other Requirements Rewards
Voodoo 500 Voodoo Weapon
Heroes 750 Voodoo completed Heroes Weapon & Gold Emblem.
Eternal Tombs 900 Heroes completed Renegade Box (Contains a Random Piece of the Renegade Set)
5 Stat Stones (First Completion) & Mastercraft Blueprint (First Completion).
Sharptooth 50A. Eternal Tombs completed Sharptooth Weapon
Halls of Darksteel 100A. Sharptooth completed Darksteel Weapon.
Pits of Archlight 125A. Halls of Darksteel completed Random infinite rune (Doesn't contain Infinite SD)
and Hideouts access
Iceforged 150A. PoA completed and at least 5 Players Iceforged Box (Contains a random Iceforged Weapon or a Piece of the Iceforged Set)
and Ashens Questline access.
Jorus 200A. Iceforged completed Otherworlds access.
Otherworlds Seals 250A. Jorus completed Unlocks respective inner Seal in Otherworlds.
Otherworlds Castles 300A. Venom Seal completed Goldencrafted weapon shard.
Misty Mountain 300A. Venom Castle completed Forgotten Islands access (You still need 400A. to access them).
The Forgotten Gate 500A. Misty Mountain completed
The Gauntlet 550A. The Forgotten Gate completed
Castle in the Clouds 600A. The Gauntlet completed Brown Griffin Mount
and 2 Profession Chest (clicking on it will increase a Gathering Profession of your choice).

Side Quests

Name Level Other Requirements Rewards
Basilisk 400 3 Training Tokens (Treasure Chest).
Behemoth 500 3 Training Tokens (Treasure Chest).
Archlight Annihilator 750 4 players Demon Imp Doll (Companion), Griffin Box (Contains a random piece of the Griffin Set).
Banshee 800 6 Training Tokens (2 Treasure Chests).
Warlord 900 3rd Promotion.
Demon Helmet 900 Signet Ring.
Seven Trials of Archlight 1100 One player of each vocation in game Feedbag, Adorned Emblem and Seven Trials Battle Horn (Relic).
Experimental Catacombs 1250 12 Training Tokens (4 Treasure Chests).
Cooking up a Storm 500A. Glooth Sandwich (Unlocks Legendary Spell).

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