Feats are character boosts received after completing task for Disciple of Chaos and Disciple of Order

  • Every 100 awakening levels you may ask one of the gods (Order or Chaos) for a challenge.
  • Once the challenge is complete, you can pick a feat from that god.
  • You may take feats from different gods, you are not bound to the first god you picked.
  • Each additional feat requires to do all the tasks again.

Performing a challenge

  1. Starting a challenge requires a fee of 20 million gold (20 KK).
  2. You will be given a task to slay a type of monster randomly selected from a pool depending on your level:
    • 100-199: Experiment Seven or Stronghold's monters
    • 200+: 400 War Spirits, 100 War Phantoms or 20 War Wraiths (all of the same kind, i.e., Venom, Frost, Enflamed or Static)
  3. When you are done with your task, return to the NPC and the next step will be turning in specific items. Once again, the items are randomly picked from a pool:
    • 100-199: the npc will select random pieces of magma (Dragonlings/Dragon Lords), terra (Nomads), glacier (Yetis, Leviathans), lightning (Voids) sets for you to collect
    • 200+: the npc will select 3x random sets of 2x OW armors (collected in OW caverns) for you to collect [fire cavern (Molten Plate, Fireborn Giant Armor, Lavos Armor), venom cavern (Divine Plate, Earthborn Titan Armor, Envenomed Armor), frost cavern (Frozen Plate, Tideborn Armor, Crystalline Armor), static cavern (Static Plate, Windborn Colossus Armor, Cloud Armor)]
  4. Next step will require you to kill a strong creature picked from a pool:
    • 100-199: a Hellflayer or Lord of Light
    • 200+: 3 World Bosses or Ritual Lords
  5. Return to the NPC to complete your task and choose a feat.

Available feats

Order Passive Feats

  • Giantism - Increases your Strength stats by 25
  • Ancient Knowledge - Increases your Intelligence stats by 25
  • Quickness - +50 movement speed
  • Peace of Mind - regenerates 0.08% mana pool every 2 seconds
  • Clarity - regenerates 0.08% health pool every 2 seconds
  • Runecharged - +8% healing from runes
  • Dungeon Guide - 10% faster recharging of dungeons
  • Honor Lord - +10% honor from pvp and events
  • Arcane Hide - +4% Resistance to all Non-Physical Spells (Applied to end of damage, not shown in character panel)
  • Holy Presence - Increases healing received by 5% (Friendly and personal)
  • Craftsman - +6% experience to profession skills
  • Expert Negotiator - +7% gold when selling items

Order Spell Feats

  • Fleetfoot - +50% speed for 10 seconds, 3 minutes cooldown (Exceed movement speed limit and make you paralyze immune)
  • Gift of the Matu - Recovers 5% of max Health and Mana every second for 10 seconds, 5 minutes cooldown

Chaos Passive Feats

  • Blood Sense - Life stolen from lifestealing increased by 30% (Berserker Only)
  • Attunement - Enhancements on weapons have a 3% higher chance to proc (this is additive on the base amount)
  • Brewmaster - 10% increased healing from elixirs
  • Cursed Touch - Basic attacks have a 10% chance to hemorage the target (The damage is based on the users total power (Power x2))
  • Deadly - Increases critical chance by 2%
  • Frenzy - Basic attacks have 3% chance to gain +25% attack speed for 5 seconds
  • Greed - Creatures drop 6% more gold
  • Jeweler - All your gems are 3% more effective
  • Knock on Wood - Increase loot chance by +2%
  • Mana Drain - Regen 0.5% of your mana pool anytime a spell is cast
  • Precise Striker - Critical strikes deal 10% extra critical damage
  • Stoneskin - +4% Resistance to Physical Attacks and Physical Spells (applied to end of damage, not shown in character panel)
  • Treasure Hunter - 5% chance to get an additional quest or dungeon box

Chaos Spell Feats

  • Vampiric - Extra 400% from lifesteal for 15 seconds. (3 minute cooldown) (Berserker Only).

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