Olympus Equipment

  • New weapons have been added to the game, and they are about 15% stronger than Forgemaster.
  • The chance of getting the weapon increases according to the amount of tries, so unlucky players are not left behind or are pure RNG.
  • You must use the Olympus' weapon in their respective Forgemaster Weapon, so you can't skip content.
  • Players will only be able to drop one soulbound weapon of their vocation.
  • This means that if their vocation change, they will have to farm the other weapon, not being able to exchange them.
  • You can only farm and drop 1 soul bound weapon of their vocation, this means that if you vocation change you will have to farm out the other weapon.
  • Players can split there Olympus and Forgemaster weapon using Soul Splitter (Available at Token Exchanger NPC)

How to obtain Olympus Weapons

  • The following requests can only be met if the player is under the quest condition. That is, you won't be able to use or drop any ingredient prior to grabbing the quest.
  • Until the task is complete, the weapon may not be regraded, upgraded, enchanted or hold an ashen dust.
  • You must wear the weapon to proceed with the task.

Chronos (Monk and Guardian)

  • Killing Euryale and Stheno has a chance to drop Olympus Claw
  • Killing Medusa has a chance to drop Olympus Shield. You must bring it to Chronos.
  • Chronos will tell the player that the weapons must be charged up by killing 1000 Olympus monsters.
  • After that, return to Chronos so it can be unlocked for use.

Charon the Ferryman (Grip Wielders)

  • Upon killing Hades and completing the quest line, Charon the Ferryman unlocks a new dialogue if the player is a grip wielder, saying that he lost a grip in Olympus.
  • Killing any monster in Olympus have a chance to drop said grip, only if the player is a grip wielder.
  • Loot chance will not increase the chance of getting the grip, as well as it not being lootable, once dropped it will be directly added to your backpack.
  • Return to Charon the Ferryman, which will tell you that the weapon must be out of power and you must charge it up, by killing 1000 Olympus monsters.
  • After that, return to Charon the Ferryman, to unlock the weapon for use.

Zeus (Berserker and Death Knight)

  • Killing Hades has a chance to drop a weapon.
  • The drop will be a random weapon between a sword , an axe and a club.
  • Players will drop the weapon according to the forge weapon equipped, so if you have two swords you would drop olympus swords
  • You must bring it to Zeus so he can allow a mortal to use his brother's weapons. For that, you must kill 1000 Hades' Citadel creatures with the weapon.

Note: Players must equip the forgemaster weapon(sword, axe or club) to qualify for drops. if the player is not, it won't be considered, on top of that, if it is actually trying to drop the weapon, a message will be prompted which will aid in evaluating players that aren't equipping the items correctly and due to that are not dropping the weapon.

Hermes (Archer and Tamer)

  • Upon killing Hades, Hermes tell you that he sees potential in you, but he feels like anyone that uses a bow must know how to craft one.
  • He then proceeds to ask you for a list of ingredients, on which can be dropped in Minerva's Isle.
  • The web of a powerful spider [33427] (Minerva's Widow) for a resistant drag, the eye of a giant [33428] (any cyclops or orc in Minerva's Isle), the sting of an insect [33429] (any insect in Minerva's Isle) for power and the shell of a ferocious shellfish [33430] (any underwater monster other than Quaras) for damage.
  • Loot chance doesn't increase the chance of dropping the special items.
  • Bring these items to Hermes and he will give you a bow that can be used right away.

Hephaestus (Corsair and Rogue)

  • Upon killing Hades, Hephaestus tell you that he has a new God's made weapon to craft. He says he would be willing to deliver it to you if you show you deserve it.
  • Hephaestus will ask for Coal Ingots, Gold Ingots, Mythril Ingots and Dragon Ingots. The amounts are random. Upon delivering the items to him, he then proceeds to give you a dagger.
  • He says that this dagger is designed to feed off enemies. You must slain powerful creatures, the more powerful they are, more charges they give. You must fill it up with 2000 charges.
  • Otherworld creatures give 1 charge each, Rhutum give 3 charges each and Hellflayers give 10 charges each.

Ares (Corsair and Gunslinger)

  • Upon killing Hades, the God of War hands out a gun , he says it has to have the blood of bosses in it. It being clean is the reason of why it is weak.
  • It has an attack attribute of 80.
  • After defeating the main bosses of the main questline (every quest that has a solo version), return to him.
  • Ares will request you to wage war against the Archangel and Bialzhar.
  • Upon killing the Archangel and Bialzhar, return to Ares, which will enhance your weapon and unlock it for use.

Apollo (Bard, Druid, Necromancer and Sorcerer)

  • Apollo, the God of justice, requests you upon killing Hades, to claim justice for the damned.
  • For that, Apollo gives you a wand .
  • Then asks to have it used in the corpse of 200 Hellflayers, which have torture and killed innocents.
  • After that, return to Apollo, which will unlock the wand for use.

Poseidon (Samurai)

  • Upon killing Hades, any Samurai may talk to Poseidon. Poseidon hands out a katana found deep into the oceans. Poseidon mentions that it seems out of power but say you may ask for Sensei Kitsune's help.
  • To power up the weapon, the Samurai must complete the Samurai's content and use the katana given by Poseidon into 100 corpses of each creature inside the spawns.
  • No other player may be found in the damage map of the slain creature.
  • Upon powering it up with all the corpses requested, return to Sensei Kitsune, which will unlock the katana for use.

Amulet and Ring

  • Awakening Level 500 to equip.
  • The Olympus ring/amulet tier its equal to the prestige requirement
  • These drop in Olympus Hunting spawns are able to be enhanced upon killing the Hydra boss.
  • These items are extremely rare, they will be able to be dropped by any monster in Olympus, with a absurdly low drop chance. This is due to the loot chance bonus not impacting it. (Legacy has a higher drop chance than Abaldar)
  • To upgrade your ring/amulet stage players should use them on each other to unlock more charges and thus more enhancement there is no limit of upgrades each ring or amulet could reach
  • By stage 10 player would have total 3 Olympus charges available. (3 bonuses you can added to the Ammy/Ring.) Players can keep upgrading it for stats though.
  • Olympus luck, bounty, dark dimension, dimensional Olympus, order gems… All these factors supposedly affect the drop chance. Players should have stamina too
  • To upgrade your ring/amulet stage players should use them on each other to unlock more charges and thus more enhancement there is no limit of upgrades each ring or amulet could reach

Ares' Altar: The fragments are pieces of the Olympus Amulet and Olympus Ring. They are used to craft the amulet and ring. I can assemble the fragments for you, for price: 500 Olympus Jewelry Fragment, 50 Poseidon's Mark, 50 Zeus' Mark, 50 Hermes' Mark, 50 Apollo's Mark, 50 Ares' Mark, 50 Hephaestus' Mark, 100kk Gold, 2500 Archlight Tokens. So, what is it going to be, mortal? Would you like to craft Olympus Amulet or craft Olympus Ring?

Quest rewards

Once you kill Hydra, you can unlock a new enhancement for your equipment. This is done through your God and costs marks, gold and archlight tokens.


  • Crushing Blow: On auto attack, has a 5% chance to forcibly stun the target for 1 second.
  • Shattering Strike: On auto attacking or casting a spell has a 10% chance to increase the final damage by 25%.
  • Grounding Strike: All of your auto attacks will crush the area beneath your target creating an impact in a 3×3 circle but dealing 30% less damage.


  • Pierce: On auto attack, has a 5% chance that for 3 seconds any source of damage coming from you will deal 10% more damage.
  • Firm Grip: Doubles the auto attack damage.
  • Parry: Has a 5% chance to block damage received. Upon successfully blocking damage, has a 10% chance to reflect the damage blocked.


  • Cleave: Your auto attacks will now hit in a cleave style line based on target orientation, dealing +15% damage bonus applied at end of damage after all other effects.
  • Harrowing Gash: On auto attack, has a 5% chance to cause a large gash to your enemy, reducing their total resistance by 30% and causing a bleeding effect hitting every second for 3 rounds for 5% of their maximum health or mana. Only works against players.
  • Massacre: While wielding the weapon, the player receives a 10% dexterity bonus, 5% critical chance bonus and their attacks have a 10% chance to make them unstoppable against all crowd control effects for 2 seconds.


  • Bouncing Dagger: Has a 5% chance to throw a dagger at the target, bouncing to 3 other enemies.
  • Proficiency: While yielding the weapon increases the attack speed by +10%
  • Critical Case: Every third auto attack, the next one is guaranteed to deal critical damage. Lasts for 5 seconds


  • Endurance: While yielding the weapon increases your resistance by +8%.
  • Perfect Aim: Hitting paralyzed enemies increase auto attack damage by 10%.
  • Explosive Injection: Enemies hit that die within 5 seconds explode on death, dealing damage equal to 10% of their maximum health to enemies within melee range. Doesn't work on bosses.


  • Arcanist: While yielding the weapon increase your Intelligence stat by 8%.
  • Magic Shield: Every 10 seconds, creates a shield that absorbs up to 10% of the player's maximum mana.
  • Light Warmth: On auto attack, has a 15% chance to cast a light explosion in the target's position, dealing damage to enemies within melee range.


  • Dodge: Has a 5% chance to dodge damage.
  • Strike Back: Has a 2% chance to strike back 25% of the damage received.
  • Enchanter: Unlocks an enchantment slot, which will have a 5% base chance of action.


  • Break Leg: On auto attack, paralyze the target hit enough for it to be 10% slower than you. Lasts for 2 seconds.
  • Earth Combo: On auto attack, has a 5% chance to cast Earth Kick, which doesn't interfere with its cooldown.
  • Adrenaline: Every third auto attack, the next one is guaranteed to deal critical damage. Lasts for 5 seconds.


  • Intimidation: On auto attack, has a 5% chance to make the target confused for 1 second.
  • Fatality: On auto attack, has a 5% chance to disarm the enemy for 2 seconds.
  • Shuriken Combo: On auto attack, has a 5% chance to cast Hira Shuriken, which doesn't interfere with its cooldown.


  • Shield Barrier: Has a 5% chance to fully mitigate damage while reflecting it back to the caster.
  • Reinforced Shield: While yielding the weapon increases your damage by +8%.
  • Underestimate: Upon receiving damage higher than 15% of your maximum health, receive 25% resistance for 5 seconds.


  • Heating: Has a 10% chance to increase your Strength stat by 10% for 5 seconds on auto attack.
  • Deep Wound: Has a 5% chance to apply bleed damage equal to 50% of the auto attack that caused it for 5 seconds.
  • Taking Chances: Auto attacking from a distance higher than 6 tiles away has a 5% chance to miss and deal no damage, but increase critical damage by 20%.


  • Legendary Hurry: Decreases the user's legendary spell cooldown in half, after every other cooldown reduction bonus is applied.
  • Olympus' Vigor: While equipped, yield +10% maximum health and +10% maximum mana.
  • God's Aid: Pick a second God Spell that will be taken in consideration as if it was reputation level 5.


  • Olympus' Prestige: Grants 8% cooldown reduction.
  • Olympus' Honor: Grants 12% attack speed.
  • Olympus' Luck: Increases your Monster Essence and Loot Find chance from Olympus' monsters by an additional 100%.
  • Olympus' Regeneration: While equipped, grant 2.5% health regeneration and 2.5% mana regeneration, which is triggered every second.

Any Weapon/Jewellery

  • Zeus' Lightning: On auto attack, has a 2% (10% for mages) chance to cast a lightning into your target, dealing damage to creatures at melee range.
  • Ares' Confidence: While yielding the weapon increases critical damage by +20%.
  • Poseidon's Trade: While yielding the weapon, reduces critical chance in half, but increases overall damage by +15%.

God's Blessing

  • Wearing both Olympus' weapons grant a 5% damage, 5% healing and 5% resistance bonus.

Note: These bonuses do not stack.

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