Progression Tasks and Missions

Through various stages of Archlight there are tasks you can do to progress your character's equipment, or access to areas with bosses or quests

Starting out

In the beginning you will have access to various monster tasks in the Monster Portals which will help you get from level 20 to 1500+ (Awakened).


After reaching level 500, you can start archlight quest line.
The quests have to be completed in order, it is not possible to enter eg Heroes Quest without having done the Voodoo Quest first.

Quest Requirements
Voodoo Level 500+
Heroes Level 750+
Eternal Tombs Level 900+
Sharptooth Awk. Level 50+
Halls of Darksteel Awk. Level 100+
Pits of Archlight Awk. Level 125+
Iceforged Awk. Level 150+
Jorus Awk. Level 200+
Otherworlds Seals Awk. Level 250+
Otherworlds Castles Awk. Level 300+
Misty Mountain Awk. Level 300+
Cooking Up A Storm Awk. Level 500+


After level A.200 and completing Jorus, you have access to Other World where you can do tasks/quests to obtain the base version of the second best armor and weapons in the game(Goldencraft). Otherworlds

Ashen & Marius

After completing the Iceforge quest at A.150+, you can begin the Shadows of the Ashen questline, at the end of the Ashen quest line is the start of the Council of Marius Questline. Each of these questlines have tasks you can do to upgrade Ashen Weapons and Vampire Hunter Armor set respectively, which you can ultimately imbue with stats and combine with your equipment you got from Other World. Shadows of the Ashen Questline

Forgotten Island

After completing the Misty Mountains Quest at level A.300+ you can get to Myrefall; the first of the Forgotten Islands at level A.400+. These islands have a shop to buy the T4 heal rune and T2 soul rune as well as other goodies, Excellent essence farming, and a series of tasks and missions to gain Explorers reputation to travel to more islands with raid bosses and better spawns. The raid bosses Kraken and Forgemaster each give access to the final upgrade for the best armor/weapon set you got in Other World if you are lucky, powerful, or diligent enough to obtain them.



After obtaining 3500 Explorers Reputation on the Forgotten Islands you have access to Olympus where you get more/better farming spawns, as well as a God Spell that can be upgraded.


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