Progression Tasks and Missions

Through various stages of Archlight there are tasks/quests you can do to progress your character's equipment, or gain access to areas with bosses or quests. Here is the general order you will want to follow and a quick guide on what stages unlock what.

Making Archlight Tokens early game

Some of the best ways to make money early game is to look at which blood is selling for the most, and farm that. You can also farm and sell Wargate Currency since it almost always sells well. Selling the loot from ritual lords once you can do them. Bounty 60% loot slime and farm those in your favourite hunting spot.


Jorus → Seals → Castles → Forgotten Islands → Minerva's Uprising → Minerva's Tomb → Darkness Quest → Olympus → Darkness Olympus

  1. Jorus(Solo Quest): Access to Otherworld, Access to Goldencrafted Armor
  2. Seals(Located inside Otherworld, north of depot): Inners Seals in Otherworld
  3. Castles(Solo Quest): Goldencrafted Weapons
  4. Forgotten Islands(South of depot, through the boat): T4 Healing Emblem, T2 Soul Rune, Access to Kraken Vendor and Forgemaster Vendor
  5. Minerva's Uprising(Top of depot, after Forgotten Islands is done): God Spell
  6. Minerva's Tomb(Located in Hideout Shores): Rift Knife
  7. OPTIONAL Darkness quest: Access to darkness spawns past OW
  8. Olympus(Unlocked after Minerva's Uprising): Olympus Weapons/God Spell
  9. Darkness Olympus: Darkness Shard to corrupt Weapon/Armor.

Note: If you are having issues with the Solo Quests, you can find a group for the group quests and progress that way.


You can buy the first and second promotion through the Token Exchanger in the depot, Medusa's Skull(First) and Royal Emblem(Second). The third promotion is through the side quest Warlords(Level 900).

Starting out

In the beginning you will have access to various monster tasks in the Monster Portals which will help you get from level 20 to 1500+. The best experience you can get at this level is through the Big Game Hunter, starting at 600. The Big Game Hunter is located in the last spawn portal. Before 600, you can do Dungeons starting at about level 250, just go slow until you can pull more monsters.

Daily Missions

Below depot -1, there are 8 NPCs that will provide you with a daily profession or gathering task. Make sure to complete it, as it will provide a passive bonus to your character, as well as the ability to gather resources that you can later sell for Archlight Tokens. You can find more information about professions on this link

  • Bonuses
  • Cooking: Food Buff Duration
  • Alchemy: Healing
  • Blacksmithing: Overall Damage
  • Jewel Crafting: Gem Efficiency
  • Tanning: Movement Speed
  • Woodworking: Attack Spell Cooldown

Having energy issues? Visit the Token Exchanger at the depot and purchase Super Charged Magnet (120 AT). (Can also purchase from market if cheaper)

Gem Upgrades/Keys

Hard time surviving? Keys, and the gems they unlock are one of the best ways to boost your health regeneration or mana regeneration. Follow the gems guide to regrade your set and get stronger.[]=gems


Another great way to boost survivability or damage is through enchantments. Life bloom and Clear State are two ways to make your character tankier, while things like Richochet and Enflaming help you deal more damage. You can use mimic scrolls or enchantment remover to remove/move these enchantments from weapon to weapon.


After reaching level 500, you can start archlight quest line.
The quests have to be completed in order, it is not possible to enter the Heroes Quest without having done the Voodoo Quest first.

Quest Requirements
Voodoo Level 500+
Heroes Level 750+
Eternal Tombs Level 900+
Sharptooth Awk. Level 50+
Halls of Darksteel Awk. Level 100+
Pits of Archlight Awk. Level 125+
Iceforged Awk. Level 150+
Jorus Awk. Level 200+
Otherworlds Seals Awk. Level 250+
Otherworlds Castles Awk. Level 300+
Misty Mountain Awk. Level 300+
Cooking Up A Storm Awk. Level 500+

Note: A task on Azmar Sands - Forgotten Islands will be unlocked 3 days after the first team completed the Cooking Up A Storm quest. The task rewards players with the Glooth Sandwich in case they haven't completed the quest yet.


At 1500, you will Awaken. This will reset you to level 1 and allow you to unlock your specialization. Go to Vyktor in the Stronghold to choose one of two options. Keep in mind you must have the first three promotions done.

More information:


At A.100 you can start doing Feats. Feats are character boosts received after completing task for Disciple of Chaos and Disciple of Order

Every 100 awakening levels you may ask one of the gods (Order or Chaos) for a challenge. Once the challenge is complete, you can pick a feat from that god. You may take feats from different gods, you are not bound to the first god you picked. Each additional feat requires to do all the tasks again.

More information:


After level A.200 and completing Jorus, you have access to Other World where you can do tasks/quests to obtain the base version of the second best armor and weapons in the game(Goldencraft). Otherworlds

Ashen & Marius

After completing the Iceforge quest at A.150+, you can begin the Shadows of the Ashen questline, at the end of the Ashen quest line is the start of the Council of Marius Questline. Each of these questlines have tasks you can do to upgrade Ashen Weapons and Vampire Hunter Armor set respectively, which you can ultimately imbue with stats and combine with your equipment you got from Otherworld. Shadows of the Ashen Questline Marius

Ritual Lord

Lord Rituals require Awakening 300+ to participate in.

Loot bags are based on the gold you donate, so donate as much as you can handle without dying. It goes from 250,000 to 50kk. Rewards include: Awakening Wands, Guild Feathers, Keys, Soils, Legendary Stones, Large Stat Stones, Normal Stat Stones. Lord Rituals are instanced arena fights against 1 of 7 different Lords. There are 2 optional alters, one for guilds which can be initiated by guild leaders, and one for freelancers “a single player”. Guild Lords require 1kk minimum, and Freelance Lords 250k minimum. Ritual Lords give 1 additional bag per 100k sacrificed, as well as gaining more health and power. In guild rituals the rewards are divided evenly among the surviving guild members after the lord is defeated. Ritual Lord bags can be collected in the depot inbox.

Forgotten Island

Once you have completed Misty Mountain Quest and reached A.400 you can head to Myrefall, the first of the Forgotten Islands. These islands provide a variety of tasks, quests, essence farming and Forgotten Gold, the currency of the islands. There is also a shop to buy the elusive Forgotten Emblem and the Forgotten Soul Rune. The vendors for Kraken and Forgemaster are also located here.

Forgotten Islands


At A.500, you can Prestige for the first time. This is the act of resetting your awakened level and gaining 2 perks, one being primary and the other being secondary. You can prestige at level 500, and every 100 levels after. You can also wait to gain more skill points before going through with it or do it right away.

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Minerva's Uprising

This quest will walk you through choosing a wizard master, unlocking Zagor's Tower and unlocking a new spell for use. It is also required before going to Olympus.

More information:[]=minerva&s[]=uprising

Minerva's Tomb (Rift Knife)

After getting some awakened levels many players seek to get a Rift Knife, this allows Dungeons and Greater Dungeons to have an additional Darkness bosses for more experience and additional darkness boxes. This also grants access to special darkness hunts, one being Minerva's Tomb and OW Darkness. You can acquire a Rift Knife by completing Minerva's Tomb

Darkness P5 quest (Dimensional finder)

At prestige 5 you can attempt to do the Darkness quest at OW. This will unlock additional darkness hunting spots, beware that its extremely tough and might not be possible to do until you have some proper gear or a really good team. Darkness quest


After completing Minerva's Uprising speak with Charon The Ferryman. He will help grant you access to Olympus for better monster spawns plus access to a up-gradable god spell. This is upgraded through reputation, every 1000 reputation is 1 level once turned in through the god of your choice.


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