Forgotten Islands

It's region unlocked after completing Misty Mountain quest. Player can do variety of missions and tasks here, the cooldown of these tasks varies from 24 hours to 7 days based on the task difficulty. Player is rewarded with Forgotten Gold. Completing all missions is needed to access further islands with stronger mobs. Gold can be traded for many items like Forgotten Healing Emblem, Tier 2 Soul Rune etc.

Trading Gold

Item CostUsage
Awakened Rune Stone150Upgrading healing emblem 11-15
Forgotten Healing Emblem750Tier 4(best currently) Healing Emblem
Forgotten Glyph500Relic(improves rune and elixir healing)
Awakened Stone100Upgrading gear 21-30
Flippers300Allows walking on water in Azmar Sands
T1 Enchant Box375Random t1 enchantment inside
Large Stat Stone80Upgrading stats 80-120
Forgotten Quill500Relic(improves rune and elixir healing)
Tier 2 Soul Rune Token1250Traded for tier 2 soul rune
Ancient Stat Stone250Upgrading stats 120-175
Awakened Soul Stone100Upgrading soul rune 11-15


North west on the island near the boat is a building with a copy of the Alexander(NPC) who sells normal runes and T1 soul runes. Above Alexander is Sarandiel Researcher(NPC) who will trade 10 Sarandiel Shards for the Sarandiel Companion. (pet water elemental) In the south/center part of town near the supplies officer and stable keeper is the Gold Collector, Above him on +1 floor is the Soul Rune Forger who will trade you a T2 Soul Rune for a T2 Soul Rune Token bought at the Gold Collector.

In the south west of the island is a building you can enter from above, inside is the ForgeMaster Worshiper(NPC) who will trade one of the best weapons in the game(unforged weapon of choice) for 8 forgemaster shards.

One Time Tasks

One the first island of Myrefall player can complete 3 missions to get forgotten gold

  • Stable Keeper - fix 10 wagons on the island with hammer and nails that player gets from npc.
  • Supplies Officer - collect 15 bananas from plantation, after using a banana tree player can loot bananas or spawn monkey.
  • Water Officer - collect water into 5 vials. (You must collect water from 5 water barrels, and will get a notification in-game.)

Repeatable tasks

NPCMonsterKill CountForgotten Gold
Legion PioneerYoung Mole603
Armored Mole403


Tasks and missions

NPCCooldownMonsterKill CountForgotten Gold
Marine Biologist3 daysLab Experiments15020
Weekly mission 10
Treasure Hunter1 dayDryads1005
1 dayGoblins757
Weekly missionDryads 10
Weekly missionGoblins 9
Martial Artist3 daysHelms20030
Weekly mission Removed 8
Medicine ResearcherCarniphilia30020
Weekly mission 12
Passage Scout1 dayDire Wolves605
Passage Scout1 dayRock Wyverns605
Weekly mission 7

Marine Biologist Mission

  • Grab Interdimensional Potion from crate behind the Marine Biologist NPC.
  • Use it on Lab Crab/Lab Mutant remains to fill it up (Located bottom left of the island)
  • Use it on gold in cave(behind wrecked ship on beach) (Located bottom right of crabs in the cave)

  • Enter the undergrounds and use potion on lake to spawn Water Elemental
  • When it dies it spawns teleport, enter it and use chest. If it fails, use potion once again, kill elemental and open chest, now its guaranteed

Treasure Hunter Mission #1

  • Enter dryads spawn and search for hydra nests, use it to get hydra egg(not guaranteed)
  • Use Slobber(31677)(Dryads' loot) on mushroom to enhance it(not guaranteed)

  • Use enhanced slobber on hydra egg and then use egg on nest to spawn the mini-boss
  • After killing the mini-boss report it to Treasure Hunter NPC.

Treasure Hunter Mission #2

  • Enter goblins spawn
  • Loot Goblin Ear(12495) and open it, it may drop wax, you need 5 of them
  • When you have 5 waxes, use one on each other to combine them
  • Get stick from chest inside spawn and use combined wax on it
  • Use stick on campfire to ignite it
  • Now you have 1 minute to burn 10 mushrooms inside the spawn. If you are weak you may want to clear spawn before igniting the stick or ask people for help. (The bigger mushrooms are the only ones that count, not the smaller ones)

Passage Scout Mission

Use holes on the mountain to get telescope piece, when you get one, try using it on telescope - repeat until mission is done.

Medicine Researcher Mission

  • Ask npc for Injection Tube and Vial.
  • Kill Carniphilias and use Injection Tube on Glands(8971) dropped by Carniphilias.
  • Go back to npc use Injection Tube on Distilling Machine near the NPC
  • Extract cure from machine with Vial
  • Go back to spawn and use vial on tree

  • It may not succeed with 1st attempt, if so, go back to town, use vial once again and repeat

Martial Artist Mission

  • Bring 30 inferno leather and 20 mythril leather
  • Bring 20 dragon ingots
  • Removed in Abaldar second era “Darkness has spread”

Rumrunner Bay

Requires all previous missions to be completed to access

Repeatable tasks

NPCCooldownMonsterKill CountForgotten Gold
Leno The Whisperer1 dayMandragoras/Sapplings1004
1 dayTreants1207
Weekly mission 20
Arani The Infiltrator5 daysNavy Pirates20016
5 daysShip Skeletons/Ghosts12016
5 daysShip Captains2516
Weekly Mission
Umac Dragonslayer5 daysFierce Dragons25032
Hillock The Tamer22 hoursIsland Tigers/Panthers1005
Navy Outcast3 daysForgottens20015
3 daysDeserters25015

Lock Up The Deserters Mission

  • Ask npc for key
  • Go east there will be the building with cells inside
  • Your mission is to lock deserters in cells, you have to be outside the cell, deserter(you can lock up miltiple deserters at the same time) has to be inside and doors have to be closed, then you have to use key on doors

Fierce Dragons Mission

  • Use lava holes to have a chance to get dragon egg
  • Use dragon egg on fire field(it has to be fire field that's always on map, you cant use fire bomb/field rune, nor use fire fields created by dragons)
  • Kill dragons while being nearby egg
  • After killing enough dragons(can be tracked in chat channel) dragon hatchling has a chance to appear, if hatchling doesnt appear, repeat
  • You can replace egg by using it on yourself and then using it again on fire field

Blow Up The Masts Mission

  • Gather required materials by using barrels

  • You need: Juicy Roots, Spiked Iron Ball, Dry Piece Of Wood, Gunpowder and Fire Bug to craft 1 Fire Rocket

  • When you have the fire rocket, use it on mast to try blowing it up. It's not guaranteed to succeed. You have to destroy mast on each ship.
  • After successfully destroying the mast, the Ship Captain will spawn that you have to kill

Resurrect The Skeletons

  • Loot Extraction Crystal from Treants or Anomalies

  • Use crystals on cactus to have a chance to receive Sacred Crystalline Spike
  • Now you have to resurrect 3 skeletons. First is on the north, just before cave entrance, second is inside cave and last one is in cave on south

Once you finish these tasks we can head to Treasure Cove…

Treasure Cove

Talk with Roxanne in Treasure Cove, and pick up the quest to kill 1200 monsters. Once you complete that, you can move on to the next island which is Minerva's Isle.

Minerva's Isle

Move to Minerva's Isle and seek out Claire. Follow the image below to find her, and complete all tasks. She is located upstairs. She will give these one at a time and give you the general direction of where the monster is on the island. There is 7 total.

Azmar Sands

Azmar Sands is the final Island you will explore. With plenty of monster spawns to farm in and tasks to complete… Some of these monsters even drop more Forgotten Gold. Also get access to the final raid boss for the top tier weapons.

Repeatable tasks

NPCCooldownMonsterKill CountForgotten Gold
Klaus4 daysPossessed Dreams12015
Weekly mission 28
Luna3 daysPossessed Dragonlings8024
Gale60hOasis Reptiles20030
Weekly mission 30
Fabricio7 daysElder Oasis Reptiles75095
Luna3 daysPossessed Dragonlings8024
Anninka18hPossessed Scorpions15012
Franklin3 daysPossessed Young Devils28045
Weekly mission 32
Noah3 daysPossessed Crustaceans20023

Red Crystals

Ask Franklin for a mission. He is on the beach north of the bridge.
He will ask you to find Red Crystal.
Go to the Young Devils spawn(follow the road north of the npc). Use any pickaxe on big red crystals.
By mining them you can receive Red Crystal but also small red crystal, red crystal fragment or red powders.
Red Crystal is the rarest to get, so if you are not lucky enough to get it directly, you can use other items to craft it, just by clicking on them.

Trapped Soul

Ask Klaus for a mission. He is on the beach north of the bridge.
He will tell you to find Ghost Pacifier which can be found on the beach near wrecked ship.

After you receive the Ghost Pacifier, left click it and then the ground. Kill mobs while being near the pacifier. You can change the position of the ghost pacifier by picking it up using the same method as dropping it, just in reverse. You can track your progress on the default channel. You have to capture 100 souls, and it can fail. Can use it on any mob.

When you have killed enough of monsters, you have to use the pacifier on the edge of the mountain to summon Trapped Soul and kill it.

Report back to Klaus.


Ask Gale for a mission - he is on one of the boats.
Go to Hydra spawn and reach floor -4.

Look for hydra nests and click them until you get a message about getting swarmed with insects.
When you successfully got swarmed, go to the lower floor and click on the plant near the stairs. It has a low chance to spawn a mini-boss.

After killing mini-boss, you will receive Green Light. Report back to Gale on the boat.


Go to Blackridge and speak with The Charon The Ferryman, a cut scene will play and you will move on to the next expansion… Minerva's Uprising.

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