Products from farming are used in Cooking recipes.
Cooked meals give significant stat and regen bonuses so it might be worthwhile to get your hands dirty and set up a farm.

How to start

1. First of all, you will need a farm. To buy one you have to bid on it just like you bid on Houses.
You have to enter house bidding menu and then switch to farms.

2. You get clay watering can from lvl 275 reward. If you misplaced it, you can always buy another one from the Seed Merchant.

3. To get to Seed Merchant you need to talk to Horse. He's located at -1 floor in DP building.

4. When you have your farm, watering can and seeds ready, you can start your farming frenzy.
To plant seed simply click on fence of your farm and select what you need to plant, or drop a single seed
on empty farm tile to plant it. Before planting you might want to visit Daily farming npc .

5. Then you have to water your plants and wait. To water plants you can either use watering can on them, or simply right-click them (with watering can in backpack).
Base growth time is 8 hours. This can be reduced by using Dragon Watering Can and futrther increasing your farming level.

6. When the time comes to harvest you will need a scythe (it can be also used directly on plants before they're fully grown to remove them).
Either use scythe on grown plant or simply right-click it while scythe is in your backpack.

7. Every harvest will cost you 10 energy that can be lowered by certain Trinkets, Backpacks and Companions.
These bonuses are additive and energy reduction items will definitely help you save alot of money.

Daily Task

To progress faster you can do daily tasks. Each day you will be asked to harvest specific plants. They will yield 200% of regular experience.

Stat Bonus

When you reach certain tresholds with Farming you will get bonus Prosperity stats.

20 +1
40 +2
60 +3
70 +4
80 +5
90 +7
100 +10
110 +15
120 +25

This bonus isn't additive so on level 120 you will have +25 Prosperity.


Name Required
Ingredients Plants you can water
Clay Watering Can 0 Seed Merchant
1000 Gold Coins
reward (275 lvl)
Iron Watering Can 10 100 Iron Ingot
5 Crystal Coins
1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (10)

Copper Watering Can 20 100 Copper Ingot
25 Crystal Coins
1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (20)

Carrot Chickens
Steel Watering Can 30 100 Coal Ingot
1 000 Crystal Coins
1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (30)

Onion Pig
Gold Watering Can 50 100 Gold Ingot
5 000 Crystal Coins
1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (50)

Tomato Sheep
Mythril Watering Can 65 100 Mythril Ingot
15 000 Crystal Coins
1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (65)

Dragon Watering Can 90 100 Dragon Ingot
40 000 Crystal Coins
1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (80)

Reduces growth time by #%
(based on farming level)

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