Woodcutting is required in order to create new furniture and siege weapons via Woodworking.

How to start

1.Buy a clay hatchet from the Tool Merchant at -1 floor in DP building.

2. Check out where to find trees and prepare some energy for logging!
To cut trees you either need to use a hatchet on the tree or simply right-click it with hatchet in any of your backpacks.

3. Every succesfull attempt will cost you 10 energy that can be lowered by certain Trinkets, Backpacks and Companions.
These bonuses are additive and energy reduction items will definitely help you save alot of money.


Name Required
Ingredients Trees you can cut Rewards
Clay Hatchet 0 Tool Merchant
1 000 Gold Coins

Elder Tree

Venom Tree

Elder Log

Venom Log
Iron Hatchet 10 100 Iron Ingot
5 Crystal Coins
1 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (10)

Shadow Tree Shadow Log
Copper Hatchet 20 100 Copper Ingot
25 Crystal Coins
2 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (20)

Glowing Tree Glowing Log
Steel Hatchet 30 100 Coal Ingot
100 Crystal Coins
3 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (30)

Blood-soaked Tree Blood-soaked Log
Gold Hatchet 50 100 Gold Ingot
500 Crystal Coins
10 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (50)

Spirit Tree Spirit Log
Mythril Hatchet 65 100 Mythril Ingot
15 000 Crystal Coins
20 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (65)

Soul Tree Soul Log
Dragon Hatchet 80 100 Dragon Ingot
40 000 Crystal Coins
50 Archlight Token

Blacksmith Skill (80)

All Above Gives a Chance to cut

2x logs on use


Higher tiers of trees can be found in higher tier spawns. High level spawns do not have low-level trees (Elder/Venom).

1. Elder and Venom trees are common in low level areas like:

 Giant Spiders,  Bog Raiders,  Werewolves

2. Shadow, Glowing, Blood-soaked and Spirit trees are common at high level spawns like:

 Nomads,  Draptors,  Venomous Widow or This is a gargantoise, please do not argue Gargantoises.

3. Soul Trees are only found on Forgotten Islands and in guildhouse woodcutting areas

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